Investing in the Future of Radiology: Marjorie A. Bowman, M.D. & Robert H. Choplin, M.D.

choplin The seed was planted early for Robert H. Choplin, M.D., to do what he could to make the world a better place. His family took that obligation seriously, and as a child he watched family members perform numerous selfless acts.

"When my father knew of a family in need, he just took care of them," Dr. Choplin said. "That really became ingrained in me."

So for most of his adult life, he has paid that forward. Among other worthy organizations, the RSNA Research & Education Foundation has benefited from Dr. Choplin’s generosity for the past 25 years.

"I came to understand how research projects were funded, and that there was a big gap for young researchers with good ideas to get over before the big money could be obtained from the National Institutes of Health or other large funding agencies," said Dr. Choplin. "The R&E Foundation came into existence to fill that gap, and I was enthusiastic about helping it with its mission. More importantly, my love for radiology and imaging had flourished and I wanted to help the discipline become the best that it could be as we walk/run into the future." Recently, Dr. Choplin and his wife Marjorie A. Bowman, M.D., reworked their will to include a Legacy gift to the Foundation.

"Deciding to become a Legacy donor comes with considerable thought over an extended period of time. Marjorie and I chose to provide a reasonable amount for our children to receive when we die. At the same time, we believe that it is incumbent upon them to be able to sustain themselves independently," he explained. "We have provided for our children and then provided for the charities that we believe have the ability to impact in a positive way as many lives as possible."

Dr. Choplin and Dr. Bowman, married 24 years, head a blended family of five children. They enjoy bicycling together and recently tackled a 100-mile ride. The family loves to travel and has visited five continents and 48 states. Meanwhile, Dr. Choplin keeps a busy schedule at Indiana University School of Medicine, while Dr. Bowman serves as Associate Vice President for Health Research at Wright State University.

In addition to their Star Legacy gift, Dr. Choplin and Dr. Bowman are annual Presidents Circle Donors, and Dr. Choplin serves on the Individual Giving Subcommittee of the Foundation.

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