Solidifying the Future, Even in Turbulent Times: Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Muroff

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There are two ways a radiologist can contribute to protecting the specialty, says Dr. Muroff-time and money. "I've had the opportunity to do both."

Dr. Muroff is president and CEO of Imaging Consultants Inc, Tampa, and a clinical professor of radiology in the colleges of medicine at the University of Florida and the University of South Florida. He and his wife, Carol, are Platinum Legacy donors, creating a bequest to be paid outright after death to the R&E Foundation.

RSNA shapes the careers of all radiologists, says Dr. Muroff, whether they're in private practice or academics. "RSNA provides a forum for teaching, science, and evaluating new technology," he said. "And for me-I've presented teaching courses, listened to teaching and scientific presentations made by others, and spent extensive time evaluating and subsequently purchasing equipment."

R&E funding nurtures and provides opportunities for researchers and educators to become involved in continued research, Dr. Muroff says. "It's a mechanism to ensure that the specialty will continue to thrive in an era of change."

Dr. Muroff notes the benefits to the donor as well as the specialty as a whole. "With a Legacy donation, they can defer the immediate cash donation, yet solidify their intention and provide the Foundation with an ongoing income stream that will take it successfully into the future."

This is a very turbulent time for radiology, Dr. Muroff says, and some radiologists may not feel comfortable making a sizeable donation they would otherwise wish to make. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy their money now—and provide for opportunity later, he says.

"It also allows us to solidify and expand our turf—our area of practice influence. This is not just an academic endeavor; practicing radiologists benefit enormously from seeing the scientific, educational and technological advances from literally all over the world."

Dr. Muroff says that his donation is simply a very small thank-you to a specialty that has given him such intellectual challenge and financial reward. "People have to understand that they should provide the same type of opportunity for others," said Dr. Muroff. "There's an obligation to continue our specialty in a way that will enable others to reap the same rewards that we enjoy."

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