Staying Involved, Today and Tomorrow: Lizabeth and Sam Hissong, M.D.


Dr. Hissong remembers the RSNA Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting when it still fit in the Palmer House Hilton hotel. When he was a resident, ultrasound was still in its infancy, and CT and MR imaging had yet to be developed. He has watched the specialty evolve dramatically over the course of his career, and he understands the integral role that RSNA has played in the breakthroughs, innovations and discoveries that fuel that evolution.

"I've had an exciting and interesting career as a result of RSNA's efforts and funding in radiologic research," said Dr. Hissong. "My wife Lizabeth and I have both come to have a deep respect for what RSNA does for the field of radiology." The Hissongs have chosen to help ensure that the best in radiologic discoveries and education will continue to thrive by leaving a gift that will support advancements in the field for years to come.

Dr. Hissong has practiced with Ohio-based Radiology Associates of Canton, Inc. for the past 35 years. He also established the Northeast Ohio Ultrasound Society, now one of the most active groups of its kind in the United States. He has consistently participated in key professional organizations, providing local and national leadership in the field of radiology and his specialty of ultrasound. "I've always been highly involved," he said, "and I encourage every radiologist in the country to get involved at any level to support the RSNA R&E Foundation and its mission of promoting research and education in the imaging sciences."

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